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ITZY is back and ready to make a statement with their latest album BORN TO BE, which will be available in three versions: Version A, Version B and Version C. Contents of the album include: CD, Photobook (60 pages), Photo Card (random 2 of 16), Lyric Book (24 pages), Mini-Folding Poster (random 1 of 4), Eyes Photo Card (random 1 of 4), Mood Film (random 1 of 4), Post Card (random 1 of 4), Poster (random 1 of 2). Dimensions: 210 x 150 x 5 mm.

ITZY - BORN TO BE [Version A]
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RSD Essential 059 - 40th Anniversary Pressing - Arriving in 1984, Nobody Move Nobody Get Hurt was recorded at Channel One and mixed by Sylvan Morris at Harry J Studio. Produced by the legendary Henry "Junjo" Lawes. There wasn't a weak number on this ten-song set and all backed by blistering riddims from the Roots Radics. The album's title track was a huge Jamaican and global hit.
Yellowman - Nobody Move Nobody Get Hurt [RSD Essential Lemonade LP]
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RSD Essential 058 - 50th Anniversary Pressing - This deluxe reissue includes a second album with 8 bonus tracks – ‘Pick A Vocal’. The original 1974 release of Keith Hudson's 'Pick A Dub' showcased the enduring strength and pivotal importance of the development of reggae music. Keith Hudson's complete mastery of the genre and the unqualified praise that followed its release was fully justified. The album's austere sonic qualities are awe inspiring, the superb rhythms are given full rein, unencumbered by extra effects and studio trickery. ‘Pick A Dub’ is as mesmerizing now as it was fifty years ago.
Keith Hudson - Pick A Dub [RSD Essential Black Ice 2LP]
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GRAMMY® Award-winner Kali Uchis releases her fourth studio album, Orquídeas. Marking Uchis’ striking return to Spanish-language music, the project features a superstar lineup with KAROL G, Peso Pluma, El Alfa, and JT. Inspired by the sensual allure of Colombia’s national flower, the orchid, Orquídeas traverses multiple Latin genres including reggaeton, dembow, bolero and salsa furthering Uchis’ connection to her Colombian roots.

Kali Uchis - Orquídeas [Indie Exclusive Limited Edition Alternative Cover Silver Metallic LP]
$32.99 Video
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aespa presents their fourth mini-album, featuring the title track ‘Drama’ with its powerful track loop and captivating hook. This album showcases aespa’s vocal growth with a variety of genres including charismatic hip-hop, lovely bright dance music, and sweet acoustic pop.

With this album, aespa brings a new chapter to their SMCU lore by writing stories on their own way through unique music and visuals – now breaking out from the trauma caused by a series of events with Season 1’s ‘SYNK OUT’ and ‘Hallucination Quest’, and also the unknown anomalies in Season 2.

Aespa - Drama - The 4th Mini Album (Sequence Ver.) [Limited Edition]
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Big Big Love is the first single from the eponymous album that is a mantra for embracing humanity with kindness.  The single will be released in conjunction with the Michael Franti & Spearhead tour date celebrating a return to Red Rocks on June 2.  Franti announced the US Big Big Love tour on January 31 which launched May 13 and runs through August 20.

Michael Franti is a globally recognized musician, humanitarian, activist, and award-winning filmmaker revered for his  high-energy live shows, inspiring music, devotion to health and wellness, worldwide philanthropic efforts and the power of optimism.  Throughout his multi-decade career, Franti has earned three Billboard No. 1's with triumphantly hopeful hits "Sound of Sunshine," "Say Hey (I Love You)," and "I Got You," as well as sic Top 30 Hot AC singles, 10 Top 25 AAA singles and three Billboard Top 5 Rock Albums.  

Michael Franti & Spearhead continue to foster their community both on and off stage with a wish granting non-profit, Do It For The Love, founded by Franti and his wife, Sara.  Do It For The Love brings those with life threatening illnesses, veterans, and children with severe challenges to concerts worldwide, fulfilling over 3,300 wishes and touching the lives of over 12,000 people to date.  Franti also owns SOULSHINE Bali, a 32-room top-rated boutique retreat hotel located in Ubud, Bali.

Michael Franti & Spearhead - Big Big Love [Clear Highlighter Yellow LP]
$28.98 Video
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CRAVITY sings about their fiery youth, liberating adolescence and connection with one another. As the album title [SUN SEEKER] suggests, it’s filled with a message of passionate dreams. If the previous album conveyed the message that "each individual piece comes together to create empathy," this album tells the story of youth striving to seize their dreams by discovering their unique powers and individuality. This also signifies the nine members of CRAVITY coming together to respect each other's individuality and independent life. Everyone forges their own desired path and in that process, we synchronize with one another. The pursuit of freedom, the surging energy of youth. This is the new story that CRAVITY will unfold.
The focus track 'Ready or Not' serves as the representative song of this album, showcasing CRAVITY’s distinctive pleasant and energetic vibe along with a blend of both Korean and English lyrics. It's a dynamic pop & rock song with an up-tempo beat, built upon an addictive guitar riff. The coexistence of liveliness and intensity in this unique style is conveyed impressively throughout the song. It narrates the infinite and fierce love of youth wanting to conquer everything. The refreshing melody and vocals that emphasize the members' individualities are more than enough to convey CRAVITY’s active and progressive way of loving. Combined with overwhelming performances that evoke emotions and satisfy the senses, the intricately woven storyline also defines CRAVITY’s signature style. The theme of ‘chasing freedom,' is also vividly expressed through the music video. The music video, characterized by the bright and playful atmosphere of the members, fully radiates CRAVITY’s dynamic and sporty charm with the theme of 'a day of free time.' It illustrates the dedication to paving their own paths that aren’t standardized, while depicting a commitment to becoming collaborators who help complete each other’s lives. CRAVITY’s message is that at any given moment of the day, somewhere in the world, we can each become protagonists and help lead each other's lives.
Cravity - Sun Seeker
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Breaking records and charts as one of the biggest K-Pop artists around the world, Jimin of BTS is back with an Opaque White Vinyl of his solo album FACE. Contents of the package include an Opaque White Vinyl, Jacket, Photo Book (20 pages), Photo Book Envelope, Postcard and 2 Photo Cards. Dimensions: 316 x H 316 x 5 mm.
Jimin (BTS) - FACE [Opaque White LP]
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I've Mine

CD: $25.98 Buy

An irreplaceable icon of K-pop, IVE, announces their return that is expected to be the peak of perfection. With expressions and performances that exude confidence and music that reflects a strong sense of identity, IVE will show a captivating transformation in their new album. There is no wavering when it comes to expressing oneself and through this message, IVE’s trajectory is becoming increasingly clear.   

IVE’s first mini album <I’VE MINE>, seamlessly navigates between their signature unique style and a bold new transformation. IVE’s new image is impressive in that it goes beyond music and evokes a broader theme. Their message of self-assurance remains constant, but their new change is sure to exceed everyone’s expectations.

Triple Title Tracks – IVE’s Endless Transformation

Through this album, IVE expresses a diverse range of images of oneself from varying perspectives. The three title tracks, ‘Either Way’ from the perspective of others, ‘Off The Record’ what we discover in each other and ‘Baddie’ finding another version of ourselves, all express an infinitely expanding message. The diverse ways of expression include showing curiosity from a young girl’s perspective and touching upon sensitive emotions to evoke empathy. The concepts of the three songs match the mood and style of each individual track and give a range of styles for listeners to enjoy.

The pre-release single, ‘Either Way’ is about oneself that is not free from the gaze of others. Beginning with dreamy synths, the track creates a lyrical atmosphere that blends seamlessly with the members’ emotional vocals to draw out the listener’s empathy. The lyrics “Let’s find the real me amidst the misunderstandings created by countless other people’s gazes” written by singer-songwriter Sunwoojunga, depict the irony and our experiences in modern society.

Another pre-release single, ‘Off The Record’ expresses IVE’s approach to love in a more familiar way. Written by Seo Ji Eum, who has been with IVE since the beginning of their career, ‘Off The Record’ portrays the stories of young girls who are curious about love during a deep, sleepless night. The track combines the colorful voices of the members over a rhythmic beat, evoking vivid emotions like a scene from a musical film. The song illustrates IVE’s secretive late night conversation, highlighting the curiosity and daring imagination that can only be felt before becoming adults.

The final title track, ‘Baddie’, defies all expectations. While delivering a message of self-assurance that is the core of IVE’s identity, it presents a completely different version of oneself that showcases a bold and cool IVE with a darker charm. With lyrics written by BIG Naughty, the song features a powerful trap beat and unique electric bass sound that makes the track simple yet full of sound. The addictive hook and powerful rap are more than enough for listeners to experience the unique charm of IVE that has never been seen before. 

IVE’s first mini album <I’VE MINE>, maintains the group’s distinctive style while showcasing unpredictable and endless new transformations. The overarching message remains constant: a narrative about the inherent charm in showing one’s real ‘self’ and not hesitating to directly speak up about honest emotions. Characterized by their confidence and style that resonates with everyone, IVE will continue to captivate audiences with their enduring stylishness. 

Ive - I've Mine
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After reaching a milestone with their Top 5 album on the Billboard 200, ENHYPEN members JUNGWON, HEESEUNG, JAY, JAKE, SUNGHOON, SUNOO and NI-KI are back with a new album titled ORANGE BLOOD to continue their story. Now available in the ENGENE Ver. with each version specific to each member. Contents of the album include CD, Photobook (random 1 of 7), Message Card, Photo Card A, Photo Card B (random 1 of 7), Postcard, Photo Sticker and Drawing Sticker. Dimensions: 182 x 132 x 11 mm.
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&TEAM’s first full album, First Howling : NOW will feature new songs as well as the songs which have been previously released in First Howling : ME and Howling : WE. The Limited Edition A (CD+Book) includes a 56-page photobook, 40-page lyric book, mini-poster, postcard, and photocard A (1 of 9 types / randomly enclosed).

&TEAM - First Howling : NOW [Limited Edition A] [CD+Book]
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Crowned as the winners of the 2023 MTV VMAs Best K-Pop, Stray Kids are back with a brand-new album titled ROCK-STAR, now available in a LIMITED STAR VER. Contents of the album include: CD, Photo Book, Photo Card (random 1 of 16), Unit Photo Card (random 1 of 4), Panorama Mini Poster (random 1 of 3), Sticker, Folded Poster, Film Photo Cards Set (random 1 of 2), Special Mini Poster (random 1 of 8) & 4-Cut Photo. US/EU Retail Exclusive: Postcard. Dimensions: 164 x 224 x 5 mm.
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After landing at the top of the Billboard Hot 100 with hit single “Seven (feat. Latto),” Jung Kook of BTS has officially arrived with his first long-awaited debut album titled GOLDEN – available in 3 versions: SHINE, SOLID and SUBSTANCE. Contents of the album include CD, Out Sleeve, CD Envelope, Photo Book (64 pages), Photo Card (random 2 of 4), Post Card (random 2 of 3), Poster (random 1 of 3), Contents Envelope and 2 Symbol Stickers. Dimensions: 187 x 253 x 20 mm.
Jung Kook (BTS) - GOLDEN [SHINE]
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NCT 127's fifth full-length album 'Fact Check' consists total of nine songs, including the single 'Fact Check (Mysterious)' of the same name, a rhythmical dance song based on an intense main synth loop. It expresses NCT 127's confidence that they wouldn’t fear to ‘fact-check’ to compare themselves with artworks forever valuable. Indie Exclusive content includes CD, 1 cover (random out of 9), 1 Lyric Paper, Postcard Set (includes 4), 1 Sticker, & 1 Indie Retailer-Exclusive Photocard (random out of 9).
NCT 127 - The 5th Album 'Fact Check' [Indie Exclusive Limited Edition]
$13.98 Video
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Tito Puente

El Rey Bravo [LP]

Vinyl: $29.98 Buy

MP3 Album: $9.99 Download

This is one of Tito Puente’s best original albums released under the label of Tico in the 60s. The album features one of his best hits, “Oye Cómo Va,”. Tito Puente and his orchestra lay down a driving irresistible beat that moves from beginning to end in a pulsating performance and create an added appeal with their ensemble singing which lends an authenticity to the music.
Tito Puente - El Rey Bravo [LP]
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After reaching #1 on the Billboard 200 & finishing their 2nd world tour 2023 ACT: SWEET MIRAGE, TOMORROW X TOGETHER are onto the next with their newest album The Name Chapter: FREEFALL. Available in 3 versions: REALITY, MELANCHOLY & CLARITY. Contents of the album include a CD, Package Outbox, Photobook (80 pgs), Lyric Poster, 2 Sticker Packs, Poster, 5 Mini Poster A, Mini Poster B (rndm 1 of 5, first press only), Post Card (rndm 1 of 5), Blue Spring Card (rndm 1 of 5) & Photo Card (rndm 2 of 10)
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Catch A Fire, the fifth studio album by Bob Marley & The Wailers, was included in Rolling Stone’s 500 Greatest Albums Of All Time. This 50th Anniversary Edition includes the studio album (LP1), Live at the Paris Theatre in London – previously only ever bootlegged (LP2), a bonus disc of alternate, extended and instrumental Jamaican tracks (LP3), plus a 12” single featuring 3 live tracks from the Sundown Theatre in Edmonton, with an etched image on the reverse side.

Bob Marley - Catch A Fire: 50th Anniversary [3LP+12in]
$89.98 Video
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NCT continues its brilliant performance on their 4th album 'Golden Age'. Get a taste of NCT's diverse combination, transformation, and infinite synergy from the participating 20 members from NCT 127, NCT DREAM, and WayV. *Contents of the album include a 224p-Photobook, Bookmark (Random 1 of 20), Sticker (Random 1 of 4), Year Book Card (Random 1 of 20), Printed Polaroid (Random 1 of 20) and Photocard (Random 1 of 20).
NCT 2023 - The 4th Album 'Golden Age' [Archiving Ver.]

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