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This groundbreaking release will be eternally remembered as the album where you can construct a synthesizer from the cover itself. It also stands as one of the finest recordings capturing the enigmatic live presence of A Place To Bury Strangers. From the electrifying opening to its sonic metamorphosis, Synthesizer embod- ies APTBS venturing into bold and innovative territory. Amid fears of a robotic uprising, this album resonates with raw human emo- tion—sweat, blood, and tears—this is A Place To Bury Strangers.
A Place To Bury Strangers - Synthesizer [Indie Exclusive Glow in The Dark LP]
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Hippo Campus' singer Jake Luppen had been listening to the band's work as they rolled around the country, trying to tease out how much work remained. All of it, he soon decided. Obfuscated by the need to sound sophisticated and the overwhelming ambition to make the best Hippo Campus LP ever, a deeper and more profound record that reflected how their lives were changing. But Luppen and all of Hippo Campus decided they didn't actually like what they were making.So they called an audible. They were going to start over. And three months later, the four-member core of Hippo Campus rendezvoused with longtime collaborator Caleb Wright and producer Brad Cook at Sonic Ranch, a playground-like studio complex on the Texas border. They gave themselves 10 days to cut the tracks they liked best, to make something to which they could commit at last. Less than two weeks later, they emerged with what they'd given themselves half a decade to make-Flood, or the best album Hippo Campus has ever made. The sentiments on Flood are raw, real, and unguarded, a testament to Hippo Campus dropping preconceptions of how they had to sound after so many failed attempts to re-record these songs. They wiped the slate clean, starting over without beliefs about what Hippo Campus or this record needed to be. Still, sophistication lurks in subtle key and tempo changes, in the almost innate shifts that a band of longtime best friends can tap after so much time spent helping to shape one another's musical language. Flood doesn't need to tell you it's important or interesting; it simply is, just by virtue of how it's written, built, and rendered, a map of what it's like to feel everything at once. This rebirth is accompanied by a crucial career shift for Hippo Campus, too, as they exit the traditional label system to issue LP4 via Psychic Hotline, a truly independent imprint run by peers and pals. If you're working to let go of expectations, why not jettison them all? There's a bravery to that, and you can hear it's revivifying spirit in every second of LP4.Early into the endlessly propulsive "Paranoid," where stunted acoustic strums undergird an inescapable jangle, Luppen asks an existential question: "Is there something waiting out there for us at the finish line?" For the next three minutes, the band cycles with him through his woes, from the title's overwhelming worry to notions of dislocation and loneliness. (Also, is there any other refrain ever that manages to make the phrase "so god-damned fucking" sound so catchy and natural?) But in the final verse, with his voice breaking through a scrim of distortion, he stumbles upon a new credo: "Wait, I wanna give this life all that I have in me." That is precisely what Hippo Campus have done with Flood after realizing it doesn't take a lifetime-or, well, five years-to do just that.
Hippo Campus - Flood [Indie Exclusive Clear Galaxy 2 LP]
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143 IS A PARTY AND EVERYONE IS INVITED! Katy Perry has officially launched an exciting new era with the long awaited sixth studio album “143”. Katy set out to create a bold, exuberant, celebratory dance-pop album with the symbolic 143 numerical expression of love as a throughline message. The result is a sexy, fearless, return to form for the multifaceted musician with an album jam packed with the empowering, sexy, & provocative pop anthems you’ve come to love. This is an album with a lot of heart and a lot of BPM. Get ready to pop off!
Katy Perry - 143 [Indie Exclusive Clear Blue LP]
$32.99 Video
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Is that what you wanted, Alfred we hear in Miles Davis unmistakable rasp at the end of One for Daddy-O, making it clear that the legendary trumpeter was not just playing the role of sideman on Somethin' Else. The alto saxophonist was a member of Davis' band at the time, and the depth of their musical camaraderie lifts this session up to rarefied heights throughout. Pianist Hank Jones, bassist Sam Jones, and drummer Art Blakey round out the quintet on this timeless classic. Indie Exclusive LP on 180g blue vinyl. Limited Edition.
Cannonball Adderley - Somethin' Else [Blue LP]
$29.99 Video
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With the release of Cigarettes After Sex’s third album, X’s, the band finally takes center stage as not just one of today’s preeminent indie bands, but as one of the most globally accomplished acts across any genre. Filled with raw, imagistic, sometimes smutty vignettes set to entrancing, slow burn pop songs, bandleader Greg Gonzalez captures every emotion a romantic arc inspires. Indie Exclusive Crystal Clear LP. Limited Edition.

Cigarettes After Sex - X's [Indie Exclusive Crystal Clear LP]
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Released in 1964, Lee Morgan's magnum opus, The Sidewinder, was both a comeback and a coronation. The prodigious trumpeter debuted on Blue Note in 1956 at the age of 18, but personal problems in the early '60s forced him off the scene. His rebound turned out to be The Sidewinder, featuring tenor saxophonist Joe Henderson, pianist Barry Harris, bassist Bob Cranshaw, and drummer Billy Higgins. The album became his most significant commercial success, fueled by the irrepressible title track. Indie Exclusive LP on 180g blue vinyl. Limited Edition.

Lee Morgan - The Sidewinder [Blue LP]
$29.99 Video
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I Love You So F***king Much is the fourth studio album from human musical group sensations Glass Animals, released on Republic Records on July 19.

Black 12" vinyl housed in matte finish single sleeve, includes printed inner sleeve and 12" 4-page booklet.

p.s. Artwork by the legendary Lydia Roberts
p.p.s. layout design by Stijn van Hapert
p.p.p.s.  includes liner notes written by the incredible Gabrielle Zevin.

Glass Animals - I Love You So F***ing Much [Limited Edition Black/White Splatter LP]
$37.99 Video
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More than any other album in the canon of Art Blakey & The Jazz Messengers, 1958’s Moanin’ – featuring the great drummer with trumpeter Lee Morgan, tenor saxophonist Benny Golson, pianist Bobby Timmons and bassist Jymie Merritt was the perfect crystallization of the bands bluesy, soulful sound, and it still stands today as perhaps the most quintessential hard bop recording off all-time. Originally self-titled, the album was later renamed Moanindue to the popularity of Timmonsunforgettable opening track. The album also introduced several indelible Golson compositions that would become standards of the jazz songbook, including Along Came Betty,and Blues March.

Available on 180g blue vinyl. Indie Exclusive. Limited Edition. 

Moanin' Indie Blue Cover

Art Blakey & The Jazz Messengers - Moanin' - [Blue LP]
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This Is How Tomorrow Moves is the third album from artist beabadoobee, recorded at Shangri-La in Malibu with renowned producer Rick Rubin
and released on her long-standing label, Dirty Hit. This Is How Tomorrow Moves captures beabadoobee's confidence and introspection, with
themes of self-acceptance and personal growth woven throughout. It stands as a testament to her artistic evolution and resilience, marking a
significant milestone in her career.

beabadoobee - This Is How Tomorrow Moves [Indie Exclusive Sky Blue LP]
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Thomas Rhett -"About A Woman" [White LP] - One of the most engaging and consistent country chart-toppers of the last 10 years, Thomas Rhett has emerged as a superstar with as much songwriting prowess as stadium-rocking charisma. Marking the start of a fresh creative chapter, his upcoming seventh studio album ABOUT A WOMAN is full of heart-pounding country with a progressive edge, high-energy anthems and quick-hitting lyrics amid lush soundscape, proving why Thomas Rhett once again leads the evolving genre without forgetting it's roots. Indie Exclusive White LP. Limited Edition.
Thomas Rhett - About A Woman [Colored Vinyl] [Limited Edition] (Wht) [Indie Exclusive]

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